Manitoba’s Accessible Employment Standard Regulation

Originally aired: October 5, 2023

Manitoba's Accessible Employment Standard Regulation is a significant requirement for employers. It mandates the removal and prevention of barriers throughout the employment process, from recruitment to onboarding and career advancement. This regulation, effective since May 2022, focuses on ensuring support for employees with both visible and invisible disabilities.

In this webinar, we cover the legal aspects of this regulation, offering a clear understanding of its requirements. We also explore practical strategies for accessible hiring and creating inclusive workplaces as well as provide information on available free resources, tools, and training modules that can assist restaurants in complying with these standards and in hiring and retaining workers with diverse abilities.


Our Speakers:

Jennifer Henshaw

Jennifer Henshaw

Vice-President, Prairies & the North

Restaurants Canada

WEBINAR Speaker Image (200x200) (5)

Monika Bonsor

Accessibility Compliance Officer

Government of Manitoba

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