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Restaurants Canada works with all levels of government to ensure the voice of foodservice is heard. Explore the topics below to stay informed about emerging issues and policy changes impacting our industry.

Advocacy Guiding Principals

Our advocacy work is guided by both our vision and the key principles below. As we consider legislative, regulatory, policy proposals, and other issues that impact our industry, we measure them against our vision of vibrant and thriving restaurant and foodservice communities across Canada. Our advocacy priorities and the positions that we take are grounded in our advocacy guiding principles, maintaining that federal, provincial, municipal and other policy proposals must preserve and/or enhance these key areas as a means of achieving our vision.

We believe a strong, resilient and sustainable foodservice sector requires fiscal policies at all levels of government that create positive conditions for businesses of all sizes to compete and thrive. Restaurant owners and operators are resilient and resourceful, but the foodservice sector should be able to operate within a level playing field that minimizes inflation, taxation and fees, eliminates red tape, streamlines processes, and helps to unlock the full potential of the industry (and its people) in the short-and long-term. Government policies should never be an obstacle to business and should instead propel the industry forward and strengthen Canada’s economy.

We believe the foodservice sector is and will remain one of the leading sources of Canadian employment opportunities, particularly for young people and new Canadians. As one of the country’s largest employment sectors, it is imperative that labour market and workforce strategies prioritize the needs of small business, family-owned and national franchise establishments across Canada. Without making significant investments in foodservice talent and positive workplaces, Canada’s foodservice sector will be challenged, hindering economic growth across the country. We will work with governments and industry to ensure that rules and resources exist to provide access to a stable pool of workers while investing in the recruitment, retention, and talent development necessary so that the sector remains a key pillar of our culture, economy, and local communities.

We believe the future success of foodservice companies and their status as economic drivers is directly tied to consumer confidence in our sector and the overall confidence of Canadians in our country and its economic and social climate. There is a strong relationship between the state of the economy, consumer spending at restaurants, and the vibrancy of our communities. Restaurateurs must continue to deliver healthy and safe experiences while innovating their menus and operations to keep up with consumer tastes and preferences. Government and media also play an important role in creating consumer confidence in our sector and we will work with these partners to ensure that they recognize their influence and share in the opportunity to create conditions that strengthen, never diminish, consumer confidence in our sector.

We believe sustainability in the foodservice sector means leading with environmentally and socially responsible practices that strengthen corporate opportunities. As consumers are increasingly more conscious of their purchasing power and its impact on local and global levels, those operators that embed sustainability in their operations will be poised for growth. Driven by these market demands, foodservice companies can influence change through effective corporate social responsibility policies, by working with their suppliers to manage impacts on the planet and positioning themselves for strong growth through fearless innovation. However, government and activist intervention that establishes mandated rules and unfair timelines has a negative impact on business and threatens the viability of companies and the foodservice sector and we will work tirelessly to ensure that these artificial expectations do not hinder a vibrant and thriving foodservice sector.

We believe foodservice companies are central to a safe, reliable and sustainable food ecosystem in Canada. Restaurants are the backbone of our local communities with their support of Canadian farmers and the agri-food sector. Restaurant operators rely on high quality, competitively priced food and beverage products, as well as a dependable supply chain of equipment and supplies. We will work to ensure that foodservice companies can operate within a fair ecosystem and are not unduly challenged by policies and actions that might hinder their success. It is imperative that foodservice companies benefit from mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, vendors, financial institutions, and others who operate within or influence the overall competitiveness and heath of the food ecosystem in Canada.



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