Saskatchewan's International Skilled Worker Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot, SINP 

Originally aired: October 18, 2023

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Immigration and Career Training (ICT) focuses on attracting, training, and retaining a skilled workforce to match employer needs and drive economic growth. Investments into programs and services are aligned with the evolving needs of employers and our long-term economic growth. ICT operates the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), which is designed to help employers find the workforce they need to fill important vacancies in the labour market.

In this webinar, we cover the role of ICT in supporting employers through the SINP. We will provide an overview of two of our direct recruitment sub-categories, the Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot and International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer, and outline the steps employers and applicants will take to utilize the SINP. Additional information will also be shared on the settlement supports available to newcomers pre and post-arrival to Saskatchewan.



Our Speakers:

Anne McRorie

Anne McRorie 

Executive Director, Immigration Services

Saskatchewan Government

Jennifer Henshaw

Jennifer Henshaw

Vice-President, Prairies & the North

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