Stay Informed on the Ontario Elections:
Your Province, Your Business, Your Future

Ontario voters head to the polls on June 7 and there is a lot at stake for the foodservice industry. Operators have faced escalating costs for years with no relief. The substantial rise in the cost of doing business in Ontario has resulted in a difficult operating environment. Ontario restaurateurs have razor-thin profitability, averaging just 3.4%, which is the lowest in Canada. 

Our members struggle with a number of issues including:

  • Highest rents in the country
  • Stifling alcohol monopoly
  • Highest hydro rates in North America
  • 32% increase in labour costs, adding over $1.8 billion in overhead

We encourage you to stay informed and active within your community to let the candidates know how your business is being impacted. 

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Key Industry Issues

Learn about the top issues affecting the foodservice industry by downloading our one-page PDF summaries below.

Cost of Labour (PDF)
Since Bill 148 came into effect, 60K+ part-time jobs across a variety of sectors have been cut in Ontario.

Hydro Rates (PDF)
Under the current government, hydro rates have increased 4x that of inflation.

Liquor Pricing (PDF)
Outdated system and lack of wholesale pricing continues to cause roadblocks for licensees.

Increased Costs for Consumers (PDF)
To offset rising labour, operators have increased menu prices by over 8%.

Regulatory Burdens (PDF)
Massive legislative changes in a short timeframe will cost our industry almost $2 billion per year.

Access to Labour (PDF)
73% of restaurateurs ranked access to skilled labour as a key challenge.


Party Platform Summary

Learn about the key party platforms (PC, Liberals and NDP) and where they stand on the issues we are focusing on for the 2018 Ontario Elections.

Download Platform Summary (PDF)

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