An immersive 3D booking experience like no other.

Tablz is redefining the future of dining by enabling diners to select and upgrade to thir table of choice. Gorgeous 3D mapping of your dining room is a powerful marketing tool that embeds on your restaurant's website, allowing guests to explore and imagine their upcoming dining experience.

Tablz enhances guest experience in conjunction with your existing reservation system. The process is seamless with no training required or additional labour.

Top reasons to explore Tablz as part of your reservation system:

  • Tablz gives guests access to an immersive 3D booking experience.
  • Tablz is a voluntary opt-in for guests to upgrade their table during the booking process.
  • Tablz, lets you maximize profits on each table by charging a premium during peak hours, while incenting guests to dine earlier, ensuring all your tables stay full as often as possible.

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