A Better Way for Restaurants to Barter

Pay for services you need with gift cards.


Through the BarterPay network, business operators can purchase goods and services that they need, such as renovations or new furniture, by issuing gift cards. BarterPay then converts the gift card amounts dollar for dollar into TRADEdollars, and markets them on the BarterPay network.

Restaurants Canada Members get these exclusive perks:

  • Reduced activation fee of $195 ($300 Savings)
  • T$200 Instant rebate (T$=TRADE dollars) (Covers activation fees)
  • Monthly fee waived for 6 months
  • Start shopping right away - BarterPay will buy up T$2000 in gift cards/certificates at time of activation 
  • Inclusion is special TRADEflashes and TRADEpromos to promote traffic
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