We're saving you money on liquor!

Alcool NB Liquor (ANBL) is offering a new rebate program to bar and restaurant licensees, fulfilling a long-standing request from Restaurants Canada.

Starting in April 2020, a new ANBL program will offer licensees a 5% to 10% rebate on wine and spirit products, and a 1% rebate on certain categories of beer products.

Further details will be announced within the coming months.

New program fulfills key ask from Raise the Bar report

Every two years, Restaurants Canada releases its Raise the Bar report on liquor policies impacting foodservice and hospitality businesses across the country.

#RaisetheBar2019 called on New Brunswick to make good on its promise to give volume discounts to bar and restaurant licensees, among other key asks.

Download the 2019 Raise the Bar report to learn how Restaurants Canada is continuing to advocate for better conditions for licensed bars and restaurants in New Brunswick.

Download the Raise the Bar 2019 Report