We're saving you money on liquor!

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) is now permanently allowing licensed hospitality businesses to purchase beer, wine and spirits at wholesale prices, fulfilling a long-standing request from Restaurants Canada.

The wholesale price list can be accessed via the LDB Hospitality Product Catalogue, which also hosts a number of online resources designed to support hospitality licensees.

New policy fulfills key ask from Raise the Bar report

Every two years, Restaurants Canada's Raise the Bar report shines a spotlight on how liquor policies are helping or hurting restaurants and other licensed establishments across the country.

#RaisetheBar2019 called on British Columbia to finally level the playing field between the province's retail and hospitality sectors and make wholesale liquor pricing available to bars and restaurants.

Download the 2019 Raise the Bar report to learn about other ways that Restaurants Canada is advocating for better conditions for licensed establishments.

Download the Raise the Bar 2019 Report