Impact Report

COVID-19 Sales on Premise Impact Report

Restaurants Canada has partnered with CGA to release new COVID-19 Sales On Premise Impact Reports, highlighting critical alcohol velocity trends across Canada. Released monthly starting September 2021, each report will help you better business decisions based on what Canadians prefer when it comes to dine-in alcohol orders.

In this issue, we are evaluating the impact on velocity in the On Premise. Understanding the different dynamics across cities and provinces as the situation diverges and evolves, and the impact that this has on On Premise trends. This report will cover On Premise sales trends from our BeverageTrak dataset up to the week ending August 28 2021 measured in value velocity (average outlet sales ($)).

Report Highlights:
• Canada has seen a steady last couple of weeks, with growth in the week to August 21 (+2%).
• Velocity is comfortably higher than in 2020 (+41%) and is (+11%) higher than 2019 as the country continues to re open and reduce the severity of COVID-19 restrictions.

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