Nourishing Our Nation:
Raising Our Voice in the 2019 Federal Election

Working together with Restaurants Canada, the next federal government can help foodservice businesses continue nourishing our nation.

7 ingredients that make foodservice vital to a strong and vibrant Canada:

  • 1.2 million direct jobs — Foodservice is Canada's fourth-largest employer.
  • 293,000 indirect jobs — Supply chain partners are key to our success.
  • $89 billion a year in sales — More than 95% goes back to the community.
  • 4% of Canada’s GDP — Foodservice operators run businesses in every rural and urban Canadian community, and that adds up!
  • $460 million/year in charitable giving — Restaurants love to give back.
  • $31 billion/year in food & beverage purchases — Restaurateurs work closely with Canadian farmers to bring top-quality food to the table.
  • #1 source for first-time jobs — Foodservice hires and trains more young people than any other industry!

No other industry positively impacts so many lives, so often, in so many ways.

Let’s keep a good thing going!

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What You Can Do:

Step #1: Get Informed

Download the materials below to learn about key challenges for restaurants and recommended policy solutions.


Foodservice Industry Overview (PDF)
Running a foodservice business is a highly competitive, labour intensive effort — the pre-tax profit margin for the average Canadian restaurant is less than 5 per cent.

Canada_ENG_Infographic_September 2019

Infographic: Canada's Restaurant Industry (JPG)
There are 98,000 foodservice businesses in Canada: See the many ways our industry contributes to the national economy.

Key Issue: Labour Shortages (PDF)
A national labour force development strategy is needed to address persistent challenges recruiting and retaining workers.

Key Issue: Alcohol Excise Tax Escalator (PDF)
A full repeal of the annual escalator on excise alcohol duties would provide welcome relief for restaurants and their patrons.

Key Issue: Interchange Fees (PDF)
Fees collected when customers use credit or debit cards should be capped and card issuers should be prohibited from adding new fees.


Key Issue: Passive Income Threshold (PDF)
The current $50,000 threshold and accompanying tax table for passive investment income should increase every year, in line with inflation.

Key Issue: Single-use Items (PDF)
Evidence-based policies and national standards are needed to avoid patchwork approaches and facilitate consumer education.

Key Issue: Culinary Tourism (PDF)
Our industry’s unique strengths should be leveraged and our challenges must be addressed in any efforts to boost Canadian tourism.


Step #2: Contact Your Candidates

For information on your riding, polling place and local candidates, visit the Elections Canada website.

To learn more about the main parties and their platforms, visit the websites below:

Step #3: Engage Your Network

Join the online conversation about what restaurants need to continue #NourishingOurNation.

Here are some infographics you can share to shed light on the realities behind a restaurant meal in Canada:

SukiyakiBeef-InfographicSukiyaki Beef with Shrimp (JPG)
Fresh Arctic Char (JPG)
Fried Chicken Combo (JPG)

Get in Touch with Restaurants Canada

If you have any questions or would like more information, we welcome you to get in touch with David Lefebvre, Restaurants Canada Vice President, Federal and Quebec, at or 1-800-387-5649 ext. 6000.

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