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COVID-19 has taken a devastating toll on restaurants across the country and many say they might not be able to recover.

Restaurants Canada is continuing to work with government to build on actions already taken and address any gaps as recovery plans are developed.

Help us raise the voice of foodservice by sending the letter below to your Member of Parliament asking to support our recommendations.

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Re: Action Needed to Save Restaurants in Our Riding


Our local restaurants in {ConstituencyName} need your help now more than ever.


As a constituent, I am seeking your support to ensure they will be able to survive the unprecedented challenges they are facing.


These mostly small and medium-sized businesses are integral to the economic and social fabric of our every-day lives. Beyond serving us delicious food, they are an important source of local jobs, contribute to charitable causes and provide spaces where we can get together with friends and family.


COVID-19 has taken a devastating toll on their operations and many say they might not be able to recover. According to survey data from Restaurants Canada:


·       Nearly 1 out of 10 restaurant operators have had to permanently close an establishment.

·       3 out of 4 restaurant operators are very concerned about their current level of debt.

·       1 out of 2 independent restaurants say they might not survive the next 3 months.


Our local restaurants need immediate support in the coming days – not weeks – in order to pull through this crisis and be able to continue serving our communities once this is all over.


While all levels of government have made extraordinary efforts to respond with emergency relief measures, restaurants are going to need more support as part of the transition to recovery.


On April 23, Restaurants Canada presented recommendations to the federal finance committee, laying out what these businesses will need to recover from COVID-19. The federal government has already announced measures that respond to some of the recommendations that were put forward. While these actions are very much welcome, there is still work to be done to ensure that our local restaurants will be able to open their doors to diners again.


As my MP in {ConstituencyName}, I am asking that you work with your colleagues in Parliament to support our local restaurants with what they continue to need in the following key areas:


1.    Rent assistance

2.    Tax relief

3.    Help with cash flow and rising debt levels

4.    Assistance with labour costs


Thank you for your work and support during these unprecedented circumstances.






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