Cost Savings by Going Cashless

Originally Presented: Wednesday, November 4, 2020 - 1:00PM-2:00PM ET


It’s time to recover. Going cashless can make the difference.

Margins for profitability in the restaurant industry have always been thin. Restaurateurs have had to be resourceful to keep expenses low, stretch ingredients and make the most of labour costs.

With the sanitation and personal hygiene protocols in place due to COVID, finding ways to reduce costs has become more crucial than ever. It’s no longer about gaining profit; it’s about fighting to break even. But there is an untapped cost savings opportunity you won’t see on your P&L.

Learn why going cashless should be your top priority to reduce operating costs in 2020, saving you time, money and the health risks of handling cash.

Hear XTM Inc discuss how their digital gratuity solution, Tipstoday can help you make the switch.


The webinar provides insights into:

  • Why the industry’s long held tradition of cash tips needs to change and how it can get your restaurant’s profit model back on track
  • How count your own operating costs when it comes to paying staff’s tips in cash, to see if you should make the cashless transition
  • What methods are available for distributing cashless tips, and which will maximize profitability
  • How daily tip payouts can motivate your cash-strapped staff to be more engaged, leading to better service for your customers
  • Hear from a respected Canadian Restaurant Chain about why they expect to save thousands of dollars a year just by switching to a digital solution!

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Our Speakers

Marilyn Schaffer

Marilyn Schaffer

XTM Inc.


Dylan James Erlendson

VP Sales, Hospitality

XTM Inc.

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