Canadian Food Safety helps foodservice businesses maintain the highest food safety standards.

Canadian Food Safety Group offers industry-leading food safety courses that are fast, informational, and affordable, while catering to different learning types and schedules.

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  • Approved across Canada: Food Safety programs are approved by provincial health units across Canada, in every province and territory.
  • Instant Certificates: Upon completion of any of our online courses, we email a certificate of completion instantly.
  • Pass Guarantee: No need to worry about failing an exam! Participants can retake our final exams repeatedly, with no additional costs.
  • Fast & Easy Courses for Food Service Professionals.

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    SafeCheck Food Handler Certification + Mental Health Awareness
    Regular Price Value                    $60
    Member Price                             $24
    SafeCheck Food Handler Essentials
    Regular Price Value                     $80
    Member Price                             $42

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