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From Digital to Delivery: Meet Your Ordering Superstar, Uber Eats

Meet Uber Eats! This blog is a second in a series, introducing you to the mighty world of tech apps for the restaurant industry - and showing you how they can make a positive impact on your ...

January 20, 2016 - Foodies, Members, Pizza, Profile, YYZ, YYZ Eats, Blunt Inquiry Asks..., Blunt Roll, Chef, Chef Rocco Agostino, Community, Community Post, Food, General, Kitchen Tips, Ontario, Toronto

Blunt Inquiry Asks… Chef Rocco Agostino

What is your idea of a perfect restaurant? A loud, boisterous, fun environment with comforting food and lots of laughing.

January 03, 2016 - Economy, Growth, Members, New years, profit, Community Post, General, Promotions, sales

Eight effective ways to boost sales in the New Year

There are certain times of the year where business is relatively slow, and for some restaurants, the winter months are dreadful. These slowdown periods are a common cause of cash flow shortages for ...

December 17, 2015 - Canadian, Dartmouth, Members, Profile, Renée Lavallée, Blunt Inquiry Asks..., Blunt Roll, Chef, Community Post, Nova Scotia

Blunt Inquiry Asks… Chef Renée Lavallée


December 14, 2015 - Anthony Walsh, Canadian, Members, Oliver and Bonacini, Profile, Blunt Inquiry Asks..., Blunt Roll, Chef, Community Post, Toronto

Blunt Inquiry Asks... Chef Anthony Walsh

 What is your idea of a perfect restaurant? A coach house beside my home. They get what my clan gets… only they pay for it.

December 08, 2015 - apps, Branding, Dishes, Foodservice, Members, Restaurants Canada Show, Tech, Technology, Restaurants, Community Post, Delivery, Uber, Yellowpages, YP

From Digital to Delivery: Apps for your Business

In the last few years, every industry has been touched by the digital shift. As we speak, the restaurant and foodservice industry is experiencing a shift, as food delivery services are becoming ...

December 03, 2015 - Canadian Economy, Discerning Diner, Economy, Members, Report, Research, Restaurants Canada News, Reviews, Technology, Mobile, Yelp

Engage the next generation of diners with our new Discerning Diner Report!

Diners and consumers have more options than ever.  From full-service dining to online food ordering, and from food trucks to drive-throughs, most consumers can access whatever they want, wherever ...

November 23, 2015 - Canadian Economy, China, Economy, Forecast, Growth, Members, Oil, Research, Canadian Politics, Conference Board of Canada, GDP

Canada’s Sweet and Sour Economy

It will not be a sad farewell to 2015 – at least from an economic perspective. Canada’s economy began the year on a sour note, slipping into a technical recession in the first half of the year. While ...

October 08, 2015 - Canada, Canadian Economy, Economy, Members, ORPP, Pension, Restaurants Canada News, Retirement, Canadian Politics, Ontario, Ontario Economy, Ontario Politics, Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, Unemployment, Youth, Youth Jobs

Restaurants Canada's ORPP Calculator

Do you know how the new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan will affect you? You should.

October 05, 2015 - Agriculture, Canada, Dairy, Members, Ottawa, Government Affairs, Restaurants Canada News, TPP, Trade, Poultry, Supply Management, Trans Pacific Partnership

TPP deal creates unlevel playing field, says Restaurants Canada

Restaurants Canada congratulates the federal government for reaching an agreement in principle that will ensure Canada is a full participant in the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. We are ...


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