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Top Entrée Salad Health Claims

Top Entrée Salad Health Claims 

The top health claim for entrée salads is “gluten-free,” appearing 135 times on Canadian menus. Operators are increasingly pointing out gluten-free options on their menus to appeal to diners with dietary restrictions and those who choose to follow gluten-free diets as a healthy lifestyle. Although many salads are already inherently gluten-free, restaurant menus are labeling these items to reassure guests. Additionally, some chains offer alternative varieties of their specialty salads without dressings, sauces or toppings that contain gluten.

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Also among the leading health claims for entrée salads is “organic.” Salads are viewed as a healthy meal option, particularly when they are free of chemical additives such as pesticides or hormones. Listing entrée salads or particular ingredients as “organic” satisfies a growing concern for food that is fresh and natural. In entrée salads, among the most popular ingredients listed as organic are greens and spinach. For example, The Rebel House in Toronto lists a Rebel House Greens salad with a medley of Ontario organic greens, cucumber, tomato and beet-ginger vinaigrette.

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Another term on the list is “lighter fare,” which is more of an overarching health claim that directs diners to healthier alternatives on a menu. Oftentimes, operators have a specific menu for lighter options, such as Lone Star Texas Grill’s Lighter Fare menu with options like the Bronzed Shrimp and Avocado Salad and Chicken Caesar Salad.





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