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Jordie McTavish Joins Plutino Food & Drink Team

This week in Canadian culinary news, we're excited to help share the great news of Jordie McTavish, formerly part of Mark McEwan's team,  joining the all-star team at Plutino Food & Drink. Jordie McTavish

McTavish’s extravagant resume includes 8 years of assisting in building an empire alongside celebrity chef Mark McEwan as well as time spent consulting in the hospitality industry alongside CEO Matt Rolfe at Barmetrix Toronto. During her time at the The McEwan Group McTavish collaborated with McEwan on several successful campaigns including appliance brand Jenn-Air, New Zealand wine brand Stoneleigh Vineyards, celebratory food festival Barbados Food & Wine plus Top Chef Canada, Food Network Canada’s highly popular television competition series. McTavish also has vast experience bringing campaigns to life when working with national and global brands, resulting in the best of benefits for any chefs and various partnerships involved. Read the official press release here

We had the opportunity to sit with McTavish to get to know a little more about the next step in her journey. Here's what we learnt:

What excites you most about your new move?

Opening my own chef agency is an idea that I have played around with in my mind for years. Out of all of the amazing experiences I had and knowledge that I had gained working beside Mark McEwan it was definitely the area that I was most passionate about. Joining Plutino Food and Drink and getting to learn from another amazing mentor in Roseanna Plutino shows me that there are no bounds to what we are embarking on. It is going to be life changing for myself and hopefully for the chefs as well.

What do you like best about the Canadian food scene? 

The Canadian food scene is at an amazing point, the chefs and restaurateurs whether in the front of the house, back of the house and behind the scenes are continuing to push boundaries. In years past chefs and restaurateurs have been rather secretive when it comes to disclosing the true secrets to each individual's success. These days chefs are collaborating more, learning together…the voice of the collective is what is drawing attention to Canada. 

What drew you to your new position?  

I have always loved connecting people to people, people to brands and really just helping friends, peers and colleagues grow both personally or professionally. Over the years I have used my network to uplift those around me…and getting to do that on a daily basis is unbelievable. I wake up every morning excited to get to the office!

What does the Plutino Group hope to accomplish with the Canadian food scene? 

Plutino Food and Drink hopes to elevate the profiles of our chefs both nationally and internationally. Our main focus is protecting the brands that they have built for themselves and enhancing them with thoughtfully selected partnerships and appearances. We hope to act as the catalyst for the current generation of chefs and those to come- onto the world stage.

Our Canadian food scene is growing and thriving unlike ever before! As your trusted partner, Restaurants Canada is happy to be a part of all your success. Learn more about our membership opportunities here


Jordie McTavish

About Plutino Food & Drink
Plutino Food & Drink is a branch of Plutino Group launched in 2016 bringing representation to talented artists and personalities in the food and drink industry. The agency will connect chefs to brands and brands to chefs, building partnerships and elevating chef representation. Plutino Food & Drink will continue to grow their premium roster with experts in the food industry including Mixologists, and many more.

About Plutino Group
Plutino Group is the leading source for talent in the fashion and beauty industries. When Roseanna Plutino founded the agency in 1991, it was the first standalone artist agency in Canada. Now, with over 20 years of experience elevating raw talent, Plutino Group has grown from a small group of hair and makeup artists to a wide network of artists including stylists, producers, and spokespeople. In 2013, upon the closure of Ford Models in Toronto, Plutino Group launched Plutino Models. Now, with the addition of culinary talent, Plutino Group continues to grow and flourish.


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