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Get Inspired! 25 Examples of Beautiful Menu Design

Get Inspired! 25 Examples of Beautiful Menu Design

Menu Design; a tangible necessity to help your customers understand your dishes, encouraging them to become brand advocates and overall help to connect your guests with your restaurant. It is claimed to be the most effective marketing tool; which I could not agree more. Although this post is purely focused on the aesthetics.

Of course if you want to make your menu more profitable please see this past post: here.

Let me first admit, I have a problem. I love Pinterest and my favourite pastime is looking up beautiful menu and restaurant brand projects to pin them. Understanding the aesthetic trends within menu design is very important to being an effective designer which is probably why I love it soo much!

So let’s get into some of the most inspiring menu designs I have come across in the past few months.

  1. 2KW Bar & Restaurant Menu — Designed by Band

Menu Design 1

  1. Shuang Shuang Menu — Designed by ico design

Menu Design 2

  1. Mr. Big Stuff — Designed by Can I play

Menu Design 3

  1. Revolución de Cuba — Designed by Diagram Design

Menu Design 4

  1. Cliford Peir — Designed by Good Design Makes Me Happy

Menu Design 5

  1. Tres Quince — Designed by Skinpop Studio

Menu Design 6

  1. Demetre’s Menu — Designed by Nataly Kim

Menu Design 7

  1. Rib’z — Designed by Milena Savić & Aleksandar Savić via Behance

Menu Design 8

  1. Madrina — Designed by MAST

Menu Design 8

  1. Alden & Harlow — Designed by Oat Creative

Menu Design 9

  1. Ida Claire — Designed by TractorBeam

Menu Design 10

  1. Mcnally jackson — Designed by Strohl

Menu Design 12

  1. The Butler Potts Point — Designed by Julia Jacque

Menu Design 12

  1. Castello Restaurant — Designed by Mariangelica Forero

Menu Design 13

  1. Smokestack — Designed by Green Olive Media

Menu Design 14

  1. Möoi contemporaneous food — Designed by Seventh Design

Menu Design 15

  1. Tasca do Caffé — Designed by Jungle Collective

Menu Design 16

  1. City Hall Cafe & Pie Bar — Designed by the official office of

Menu Design 17

  1. Puebla — Designed by Savvy Studio

Menu Design 19

  1. Una — Designed by Kind

Menu Design 20

  1. Slanted Door — Designed by Manual

Menu Design 21

  1. Kha — Designed by Foreign Polic

Menu Design 22

  1. Symmetry — Designed by Symmetry

Menu Design 23

  1. Sissy’s — Designed by Tractorbeam

Menu Design 24

  1. Fat Cow — Designed by Foereign Policy

Menu Design 25

Extra: 26. Gossip Downtown — Designed by Graphix Design Studio

Menu Design 26

If you want to see more menu designs; I invite you to check out my Pinterest menu board with over  500+ menus and counting. Or check out my past post on inspiring menu design here.

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