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5 Things we Learned at Terroir10

5 Things we Learned at Terroir10

Yesterday we delighted in attending one of our industry's greatest events: Terroir10. Our industry is blessed to have events and beautiful moments all throughout the year, but something about the Terroir Symposium makes us more excited than usual. The great talks, the storytelling and the dialogue brings all the different parts of our worlds together in one amazing and inspiring day. Terroir Symposiums traditionally feature the restaurant industry's thought leaders - who step up to speak and offer great advice and thoughts through a series of well-thought-out workshops. The event also boasts a all-star food line up and in the case of this year: a cheese cave!

In honour of yesterday's enlightening event, here are the 5 things we learned at #Terroir10.

1. The design of your restaurant means more than just ambiance. It helps shapes a sense of belonging and tell your story to your guests. It's also about branding. Effectively creating a brand and sharing it with the public means you need to extend it past your marketing material and make it a part of your overall operations.

Terroir10 1

It's important to make sure your space not only tells a story, but also conveys your brand.

2. When working with the media, be descriptive when you're talking about food. Good, great and amazing just don't cut it.

Terroir10 2

We're quite spoiled in our industry. We have an opportunity to tell a story and express the joy that food gives us. Storytelling is key when working with media, whether it's through a press release on your restaurant's opening, or a simple Facebook post... remember, it humanizes you.

3. Speaking of media, consider how you pitch stories to the media. If you're trying to get buzz, here is Geeta Nadkarni of Baby Got Booked's 5 simple ways to get yourself seen.

Terroir10 3

4. As restaurateurs and chefs, we know this to be true. Food is about art, love and life. It holds a place of nostalgia and community in many of our lives -- and we bring it to each and every dish we serve. This was exemplified in Quique DaCosta's talk yesterday about the intersection of art, nature, food and self.

Terroir10 4

5. Be different. Many of the chefs and restaurateurs who were speaking at Terroir10 had their own flavours and styles. Letting their differences guide them help them build a brand and a distinctive taste that they have become known for. Chef Christine Flynn, who was outted this year as Instagram-famous Chef Jacques La Merde, relishes in being different. Jackie Kai Ellis of Beaucoup Bakery believes in authenticity to push your brand - a refreshing take that has led her to success.

Terroir10 5

We can't wait for next year's Terroir Symposium!

Header image via Art Gallery of Ontario's Twitter account


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