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Meet the Alberta Foodservice Labour Connections Pilot

Say hello to the Alberta Foodservice Labour Connections Pilot!

The Alberta Foodservice Labour Connections Pilot aims to connect Restaurants Canada members with untapped sources of labour. Developed by the Government of Alberta and Restaurants Canada, this program enables our Edmonton members to work with employment, training and career service providers to hire job-seekers from disadvantaged and underrepresented populations who are looking to gain experience in the restaurant industry.

Launched in March, this one-year pilot could not be more timely given the devastating Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) reforms announced this summer that have left employers in a labour crunch. Many Restaurants Canada members have turned to the program to help fill the labour void.

Seniors, immigrants and persons with disability are often underrepresented in the Canadian job market. Alberta Labour Connections, a partnership between the Government of Alberta and Restaurants Canada, works to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. AMI’s Wade Brown investigates the pilot project, designed to serve up jobs in Edmonton's busy service industry.

Watch this great video, or learn more here.



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