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Calling All Baristas: Show us your skills and win $2,000!

Are you a latte artists? Do you have the ability to make regular old steamed milk into Breaking Bad's Walter White or even Mario? Then, we have the opportunity of a lifetime for you!


This year at the Restaurants Canada Show 2016 - Hospitality Unleashed, claim your place in latte history by entering to win the New Latte Art Challenge! Compete and display your artistic expression for judges.

During this two day challenge, skilled Baristas will showcase their skills, professionalism, station cleanliness and overall taste and impression for judges, and attendees. Learn new trends, tips and techniques when some of the top Baristas compete in the Coffee and Tea Show’s Latte Art Challenge presented by Dalla Corte.

Enter and compete and try your hand at a chance of winning $2,000!

Think you can do it? Here are the simple rules and regulations:

Latte Art Challenge Rules Competitors will use Free Pour Technique to produce 2 Lattes and 2 Macchiatos in 10 minutes.
  1. There will be 1 Head Judge and 2 Visual Judges for each panel, no technical judges.
  2. Each competitor will have 5 minutes preparation time on the stage, and 10 minutes competing to produce 4 drinks: 2 lattes and 2 macchiatos of their own design utilizing free pour technique only. No cleaning time is allocated although competitors are requested to remove their personal equipment from the stage quickly after their performance.
  3. Competitors must use the grinders and machines, cups, milk and coffee provided for the competition.  It will not be permissible to use your own.
  4. Only the visual part of the drink will be judged by the Visual Judges, no technical part will be judged.
  5. Competitors are not expected to give an extensive verbal presentation presentations to the judges and/or audience, especially when two competitors competing at the same time.
Judges include: Jingbo Deng, Juhee Noh and Chunhui Zhang, all past judges of the Canadian National Barista Competition.
To register to compete, email
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