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From Digital to Delivery: Meet Foodora

Meet Foodora, formerly known as Hurrier! This blog is a third in a series, introducing you to the mighty world of tech apps for the restaurant industry - and showing you how they can make a positive impact on your restaurant business. Today we’re taking an intimate look at Foodora and it’s sudden, and successful emergence into the Canadian market.

Foodora is a food delivery service available in Montreal and Toronto since 2013. Matt Rice, Marketing Manager with the company, says that they’re excited to launch in Vancouver very soon as well as providing an app (on IOS and Android) that’s set to go live in early 2016. Currently you can order through their website on desktop and mobile.

The idea is straightforward - Foodora can be used between the designated hours (Toronto: Mon- Wed 10am-10pm, Thurs- Sun 10am-12am // Montreal: Mon - Sun 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm). The website shows their restaurant partners and hours of operation. A bonus feature includes the option of placing an order when establishments are closed. Customers simply select their meal, set their location, a delivery charge is added and then an estimated delivery time is provided upon checkout.

With numerous restaurants and artisan food services in Toronto, the list is always growing. Why is it becoming such a popular choice with not only customers but owners too? The obvious issues are the costs of running a delivery fleet and transportation maintenance fees plus training and staffing. But Foodora eliminates these hassles by acting as a rent-a-delivery service. They place the order on the consumers’ behalf, pick up the food using bicycles and deliver items fresh using custom heat-warming pouches.

Foodora_DriversFoodora builds positive relationships with owners by providing a solution that's easy to use, integrates seamlessly with day-to-day operations, and brings incremental revenue. We take care of the logistics of delivery, so the owners can focus on providing high quality food.

The market is always changing especially when it comes to technology. Here are a few trends Foodora predicts restaurateurs should be mindful of:

  • On-demand delivery apps are poised to grow as consumers become more and more familiar with technology
  • Products need to be developed, updated, easier to use and integrate
  • Enable a whole new type of business centred around customers who want a quality restaurant meal or restaurant experience at home

Rice observes that the space has changed dramatically over the past few years and restaurants want to capitalize on this. “ It’s certainly growing very quickly, it’s an exciting time to be in the on-demand space. We have over 175 restaurants signed up in Toronto and over 50 in Montreal. We’re adding more every week”.

As for owners who are new to this technology, Rice says there’s no need to worry. “Foodora provides marketing for restaurants, an account manager to help owners get the most of the Foodora partnership, and customer support so the restaurants can continue to focus on what they do best - making great food.”

Despite growing competition in this space, Rice is confident in Foodora. “We have fast delivery times, it’s an easy-to-use web app, and offer a curated list of restaurants within each city that feature the best local restaurants consumers cannot find using any other delivery service!”

Offering exclusivity is definitely a benefit to delivery services such as Foodora who desire to edge out the competition. Restaurants should think of themselves as the winners here.

In addition to Restaurant Canada’s 4 unique pavilions (Coffee & Tea. Shake & Sling, Pizza, Speciality), look forward to connecting with a wealth of online food delivery companies and their representatives. Get your questions answered; network with these organizations, as well as over 12,000 foodservice professionals and see how they can potentially drive sales and increase awareness for your brand.

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