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5 Apps to Grow Your Restaurant Business

The Restaurants Canada Show is going to be the talk-of-the-town with the debut of our first-ever Tech Pavilion. Here visitors will discover the latest technology innovations that drive everything from consumer behavior to back-of-house operations. They will meet the industry players that have revolutionized the app and delivery business, and been responsible for marketing and driving the foodservice and hospitality industry in communities across the country. Visitors will learn to navigate this new digital space by attending presentations, workshops and panel discussions with leaders in this industry.


YP Dine (sponsor) is a website and app that offers marketing solutions for the dining segment in Canada. Their mobile app combines consumer searches with a restaurant discovery feature. They also offer back-end solutions for owners and business operators who want an organized system for reservations and orders. As a result, costs are reduced and wasted time is eliminated. Specifically, the YP Dine Solution Suite offers restaurateurs table reservation, relationship-building, and online ordering functions to help optimize customer experience & management.


Visit YP Dine and learn how to increase sales and build relationships with prospective and existing clients when using the YP Dine Platform and Solution Suite. Don't forget! Enter to WIN the ultimate YP Dine Kickstarter package with Bookenda reservation tool, web and mobile site and marketing tools valued at $6,600.

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Constant Contact provides software that helps foodservice and hospitality businesses grow bottom line profits. Their tools leverage email marketing, social media and events to drive more customers through the door and spend money at their establishments. When Constant Contact takes care of these components, restaurateurs spend more time managing other aspects of their business such as making great food and building relationships with customers.


At the Restaurants Canada Show, they will be showcasing their suite of marketing tools and providing useful case studies for each. They will also deliver educational sessions on digital marketing strategies for businesses.

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SmoothPay allows customers to make mobile payments and earn loyalty rewards with one easy smartphone transaction. For instance, think of your local coffee shop; you present a drink card to get stamped and earn rewards towards a free drink redeemable at a later visit with cash or credit. SmoothPay on the other hand integrates these two elements right on your phone and there’s less to carry or potentially lose. It also saves businesses time, cutting transaction times in half allowing restaurants to serve their customers quicker. They also have the ability to incentivise users with additional special offers, which drive brand loyalty. Last, with SmoothPay’s market analytics, restaurants will know more about customer purchasing habits and preferences.


SmoothPay experts will show visitors how their app builds in payment, loyalty, technology, POS systems, development and marketing. With ease of use for both foodservice people and customers, the app is a cut above the competition. They will also be offering a "Smooth Suite" demonstration.

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Full Pint created a software called "On the Floor" which has revolutionized the way the restaurant and hospitality industry does scheduling and optimization in the industry. By using OTF, restaurants and hospitality groups can easily create and send shifts, schedules, and messages to all staff at the touch of a button, directly to their employees. Meanwhile, managers can access its "World First" feature, which gives them the ability to see "time lost" from disengaged employees (e.g using cell phones during work hours-- instead of working).


The Full Pint team will show how restaurateurs and businesses can better utilize their time and their staff’s by maximizing workplace efficiencies, engaging employees’ timeliness at work and giving customers the best possible service experience.

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Second Waiter offers nutritional information for discerning diners who want to make health-conscious decisions and live a better life. The app includes restaurant reviews and a social media section to spotlight users’ photos. Also included is a rewards feature to incentivize users to return and continue to engage in the platform. It streamlines information and helps act as free advertising for restaurants that may not have the budget or space to highlight nutritional information on their menus. Second Waiter helps businesses build honest and transparent relationships with their diners by disclosing the caloric and nutritional value of their dishes.


At the Tech Pavilion, demonstrations will be available on how to use the app plus how it saves restaurateurs time and money. Get key insight and data on what items are most popular and resonate with audiences.

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Being digitally savvy can help create a positive dining experience for customers while growing restaurant business. When at the Restaurants Canada show, plan on visiting these experts and more at our Tech Pavilion. They can provide advice, tips and useful information to show you how to harness the power of technology to increase your brand’s awareness and reach, business profits and customer-loyalty base. We also have free Wi-Fi available and charging stations.

Remember to keep the conversation going with us on social media. We’d love to hear from you. Use #TechPavilion and #RestoShow16 on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tickets are still available. Enter to WIN the ultimate YP Dine Kickstarter package with Bookenda reservation tool, web and mobile site and marketing tools valued at $6,600.


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