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From Digital to Delivery: Meet Your Ordering Superstar, Uber Eats

Meet Uber Eats! This blog is a second in a series, introducing you to the mighty world of tech apps for the restaurant industry - and showing you how they can make a positive impact on your restaurant business. Today we’re taking an intimate look at Uber Eats and it’s sudden, and successful emergence into the Canadian market.

Uber Eats is relatively new to Canada – having only been introduced back in February 2015. A branch off from their driving service Uber, Uber Eats took their successful business model and extended it to include meal delivery.

The Uber Eats service is available on desktop and on mobile – making it easy for customers and partners to peruse.


How does it work?

Monday to Friday, customers can log on to their app and choose between 4-6 daily rotating lunch items. Specially selected and prepared by talented chefs and artisans, each meal costs between $3-$12 (including tip – which is factored into the cost) and arrives within 10 minutes to your office or home. Talk about swift!

Uber delivery partners (UberX drivers) do multiple drop-offs in one go without making repeat trips back to the restaurant – this helps to avoid clogging up kitchen operations. Uber Eats has built quite a name for themselves in Canada – a reputation built on quality and reliable delivery.

Why do consumers like Uber Eats?

  • The Uber Eats interface on the app is simple to use and navigate
  • Easy to choose and pay for what the consumer is most interested in
  • Visually appealing app with high-quality in-app photography

What are the benefits for owners and operators?

  • A large amount of exposure for restaurateurs to a growing base of Uber food fans
  • Owners can reach a wider range of consumers – ones that were previously unknown or unreachable to restaurateurs
  • Meals can be prepped during off peak hours. No interference with normal work days!

From a logistical standpoint, this is an exciting opportunity for restaurants to expand their reach without spending their time or resources on delivering their food. This allows owners to focus their time on building their brand, offering new and exciting dishes and even working to provide a more robust dining experience for their guests. Ultimately, Uber Eats plays a strong supporting role in your overall business/operations strategy as a restaurant.

Stay tuned for the next instalment in this series on food ordering and delivery sites.

Restaurants Canada is committed to keeping consumers up to date with the latest developments and trends in foodservice and hospitality. We’re exhibiting a new tech pavilion at our upcoming show Restaurants Canada Show 2016, February 28, 29, March 1st, 2016. Grab your tickets today – visit

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