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From Digital to Delivery: Apps for your Business

In the last few years, every industry has been touched by the digital shift. As we speak, the restaurant and foodservice industry is experiencing a shift, as food delivery services are becoming increasingly popular across our nation. As the individual consumer's world becomes busier and busier, our industry has to work to fit these changing lifestyles; food delivery apps and their respective services are a worry and hassle-free way to get what you’re craving, fast.

Beyond easy access, these new apps can connect you to a wider range of foods and a system of perks unlike any others.

If you’re a restaurant operator who is looking for a way to connect to your customers, look no further! We’ve profiled a few of the food delivery apps out there and done the research for you. What’s the best? What does each offer? Let us help you find the right fit to partner with – check out our new blog series on tech tips for restaurateurs. First up, is Uber Eats!

Interested in learning more about tech and the restaurant industry? Don’t forget to visit our new tech pavilion at the Restaurants Canada Show this February 28th, 29th, March 1st, 2016 to get some one-on-one time with some of Canada’s top tech companies.


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