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Engage the next generation of diners with our new Discerning Diner Report!

Diners and consumers have more options than ever.  From full-service dining to online food ordering, and from food trucks to drive-throughs, most consumers can access whatever they want, wherever they want it. Toss in new options from grocery stores, convenience stores and home chefs, and the foodservice market is becoming more and more crowded.

You’re already doing a great job responding to your customers’ needs, but what are the untapped opportunities? How can you attract new customers and drive repeat visits? These new insights from our partners at BrandSpark International, will help you stay a step ahead of the competition.

The Discerning Diner: What Canadians want from their foodservice experience asks more than 900 Canadians about their dining out habits, delving into three areas:

1.  Why do they choose to eat out?
2.  How do they want to interact with restaurants?
3.  What new service models will they respond to?

Interested in learning more? Pick up our new report today! Free for members.


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