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$2,000 for a Dinner? Meet the Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

sublimotion-3 Sublimation dining experience

Some people spend money on skydiving, or going into space, and there are a good group of people who spend on food, which is an experience within itself. Food has been a mainstay in our day-to-day lives and while necessary for sustaining ourselves, it has evolved to more of an experience. It's a way to bring together families and people, and to celebrate special moments in life; dining out is one of the top ways people around the world entertain themselves. We're all usually used to spending on a nice meal, but what if the price tag was, say, $1,100 or $2,000 dollars per person? If you're willing to spend a little extra, you can check out one of these 14 beautiful dining experiences from around the world.

From molecular gastronomy heavy hitter Alinea​ in Chicago ringing at $693 per person to Sublimotion​ in Ibiza, Spain topping the chart at $2,078 per person, these are just some of the gems that exist for those rainy day splurges you were waiting for. For true foodies only!

Have you tried any of these? Which are worth the hefty price tag?!gordon-ramsay-london!gordon-ramsay-london


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