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Canada Takes Gold in the 7th International Chinese Culinary Competition

This past May, our President and CEO, Donna Dooher had the honour of being a judge in a very interesting competition - she was tasked to help determine which Chinese chefs in the GTA would be chosen to go to NYC for the 7th International Chinese Culinary Competition. In its 7th year, the competition goes around the world and picks the best of the best from U.S.A., Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific and sends them to NYC for a grand finale. Winners are determined by a panel of judges, and this year's final panel consisted of Canadian Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing, Chef Jon Zhang, Chef Qu Yunqiang and Chef Yi Yang. The four judges are also mainstays in Chef Cushing's show, Confucius Was a Foodie, where Cushing takes viewers along as she explores the beginnings, the present and the future of Chinese cuisine in North America. This year’s culinary event was part of the Taste of Asia event at Time Square - and drew quite a crowd. 

Donna Dooher helped select our 5 Canadian finalists to go off and represent our rich and diverse Chinese culinary scene - and we really came through. Canada's chosen chefs brought home 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze - our Cantonese cooking game is strong in Canada. Chef Gan from Very Fair Chinese Restaurant represented Canada and brought home the GOLD in the Cantonese food category. Chef Gan was followed by Chef Wan of Best Friend Chinese Restaurant, the Silver winner and Bronze winner Chef Ye of Casa Deluz, both for the Cantonese Category. 

As mentioned above, this event follows suit with Chef Cushing's show, Confucius was Foodie; if you're interested in the beginnings and intricacies of Chinese food, then check out the show:


Interesting in seeing some candid snaps of the event? Check out the Taste of Asia NYC Facebook Page.



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