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Happy 148th Birthday, Canada!

Happy Birthday to our favourite country. After 148 years, you easily have the looks of a 120 year old - hand down! From the Restaurants Canada team to you, we wish you a happy Canada Day and hope you enjoy your mid-week day off.

Here are 5 things we bet you didn't know about Canada:

  • Montreal is the world’s second largest French speaking city after Paris.
  • Cheddar is the most popular cheese in Canada. On average Canadians consume 23.4 pounds per person annually.
  • There are more doughnut shops in Canada per capita than any other country. (We're not shocked... thank Tim Hortons for that one!
  • The Moosehead Brewery in Saint John, New Brunswick turns out 1,642 bottles of beer per minute.
  • Over 200,000 pancakes are served during the Calgary Stampede.


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