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The Rise and Grind: Must-Try Independent Coffeehouses in Canada

Dear coffee, you’re our lifeblood. Thank you for being so wonderful, warming and delicious – and honestly, part of every aspect of our lives. No matter where you are, or what time of the day it is, there is always time for a coffee. This is why both independent and chain coffee houses are exponentially growing in Canada year after year.

Starbucks and Tim Hortons are some of our most trusted sources for coffee, and there are thousands of other places that you can frequent across Canada when the need strikes you. Independent coffee shops are popping up around the country and we’re lucky to have some great names on our Restaurants Canada member list. Maybe you’ve heard of a few of them?

Cadence Coffee

In Calgary, you can grab a great cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and fine fare. With a menu that goes beyond the coffee that you came for, this shop has become a favourite for baked goods and a regular spot for brunchers on weekends.

Coburg Coffee House

Halifax is lucky to have this gem – well priced and near Dalhousie’s campus, this coffee shop is known for their ---. Fresh food (with gluten free and vegan options, too!), a great atmosphere and they even cater! Settle in and read a book while trying their delicious coffee and wide range of teas.

B Espresso Bar

A modern Italian espresso bar in the heart of Toronto, B Espresso Bar boasts a gorgeous modern European décor and stays true to their heritage. A favourite is their Americanos (with a nice thick crema on top!) – check out B Espresso Bar if you want a taste of Italy in the big city.

Bel Café

David Hawksworth’s culinary delight, Hawksworth Restaurant has been a mainstay in Vancouver, so naturally, his café would follow suit. If you want a patisserie that have a beautiful Parisian touch and coffee that uses only the best ingredients at a reasonable price point, this place is for you – just make sure you get there a bit earlier; the café is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike.

Elm Café

Edmonton is a lucky place to have this on their list! While sparse with seating, the café is home to delicious baked treats, sandwiches and is one of the favourite local cafes in Edmonton. Psst, if you get there on the right day, you can even get chicken and waffles!


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