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France's Fall from the World's Best Restaurants

Is France no longer the centre of global cuisine? This year's World’s 50 Best Restaurants list marks the fourth straight year that France has had no restaurants make the list. This is surprising, and ironic, as the country undoubtedly views itself as the capital of superior dining in the world. We are seeing smaller nations cuisines explode, and people are becoming more adventurous with what they are eating. As the geography of food changes, what country - if any, will take on the mantel that France has occupied for ages?

In 2004, 5 of the top ten restaurants were occupied by France, and now, in 2015, there have been no contenders. The last time that France made it onto the top 10 portion of this esteemed list was in 2011.  One country that has taken the place of France at the top is Spain; who nabbed the top spot in the 2015 list, as well as taking 7 other spots (the most for one single country this year!). Following close behind Spain is the United States and Latin American restaurants.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants list is a compilation of votes and thoughts from 1,000 of the industry's most influential people. It also helps identify what trends are here to stay, versus which may be on the outs; for example, the Nordic food trend was hot in 2012, but as time wears on, restaurant representation from Denmark and Sweden seems to be waning. Canada also received some recognition with our friends Joe Beef taking the 81st spot on the list.

Read more here on the great article from The Guardian, and check out the full list from the World's Best Restaurants site.


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