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1,250 People Support Protecting First Jobs... Do you?

Alberta restaurant owners and foodservice operators, last week we launched a campaign that deals with something that should be near and dear to you: the #ProtectFirstJobs campaign.

Alberta’s restaurant owners employ nearly 150,000 people in communities across the province. And, we open the door to the job market for more young people than any other industry. A restaurant job teaches important skills like teamwork, punctuality, customer service and problem-solving. Young people rely on these jobs to build their resume, develop their skills and pay for school.

As employers -- and parents -- we are not opposed to minimum wage increases: we want to ensure all our staff keep up with the cost of living.

But a 50% jump in minimum wage in three years is too much, too fast. When minimum wage goes up it affects our entire payroll - we have to increase wages for other employees – not just the few who earn minimum wage - to keep the relative compensation levels intact. If costs go up this dramatically we have two choices: raise prices or cut staff. In a highly competitive business, there are limits to how much we can raise prices. We’ll be left with little option but to cut hours or staff, hurting the people this minimum wage increase was intended to help.

We urge Premier Notley and Minister Sigurdson to take a fair and balanced approach to the minimum wage so that we protect and grow entry-level jobs.

Sign our petition today and help us reach 1,500 signatures! Here is what some of our supporters have to say:

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